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Name: The Schlein family
Dear olga, Thanks for making our family celebration, Ronit & Thomas wedding into a spectacular celebration with joyful atmosphere, The Schlein, Merrec families in the USA, France & Israel
Name: Deborah Schlein, New York
Dear Olga, Our family much enjoyed and will always remember our daughter, Ronit's wedding, in which you delivered a magnificent performance. We were in for a wonderful treat with your Harp & Accordion very cheerful performance. We enjoyed classical and romantic tunes and our French family guests loved your French chansons. We thank you and know that we will remember the event and you for many years to come. Deborah Schlein
Name: Uri Nahir, London

Dear Olga, thank you for your playing at my brother's wedding. Your professional attitude and the quality of your playing were absolutely perfect.
Many thanks, Uri Nahir.

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