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Duo "Galante". Harp and Flute

   A classical ensemble which brings together the magical timbres of harp and flute. This duo is one of the most traditional and successful instrumental combinations.

   In these sounds are expressed a depth of emotion. The music opens the doors of the soul, and gives expression to love, joy, nostalgia and consolation. It reminds us of the waves on the shore, the wind in the trees and birds singing.

   The program is diverse offering baroque music, classical, romantic and modern pieces, Irish & Celtic tunes, music from the 60's, and a repertoire of the most famous Israeli songs.

Choose from the list:
J.Ibert - Entracte
G.Bizet - Entracte from "Karmen"
J.S.Bach - Siciliano
Danny Boy
Israeli Song " White Dress"
Irish Tune
Irish Tune
M.Caspi - "My Second Childhood"