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"Versaille": Harps ensemble.

Unstrung, untouche'd, the harp must stand,
No minsterl dare the theme awake;
Guilt would benumb his palsied hand,
His harp in shuddering chords would break.

                                                                                     George Gordon Byron

 What a delight it is to hear the heavenly sounds of a harp! But when there are two, or even three harps, the pleasure is much greater. The brisk, flowing arpeggios, the effervescent energy and a varied repertoire, are all a true indulgence, even to the most discerning listener. The "Versaille" ensemble was created in 2008 by Olga Moitlis, and has already managed to acquire audiences' sympathies. The harpists have recently performed on Arie Vardi's "Intermezzo", a TV show on Israeli Channel 1.
The Repertoire consists of pieces, ranging from classical to "worldwide voyages" - French, British, Japanese, Spanish, Latin-American, a
nd even African rhythms, everything originally adapted. In addition, the ensemble enjoys playing original arrangements of Israeli and traditional Jewish songs.

Choose from the list:
J.Pachelbel: Canon
N.Shemer - Eucaliptus
Ortiz - Danza de Luzma
O.Respigi - Siciliano
Handel - Entree de Reine de Saba
O'Carolan - Concerto